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our Cosmetic Services

How we look is tied directly to how we feel and our sense of self-value and confidence. Whe you opt for any treatment at our studio facility, you're carving time for yourself and putting your needs first.  Visual Effects PMU & Aesthetic Specialists are Licensed, Insured, CAAM Board & SpaLiveMD Injector Certified with extensive knowledge in Permanent & Corrective Cosmetic Tattoos & proven Aesthetic treatments that help individuals reach their beauty goals. We set the bar with our American & European trained techniques and safety standards using only the highest quality, needles, tools, premium pigments and the best medical anesthetics in the beauty industry.

All Micropigmentation (Cosmetic Tattoo) procedures begin with a personal consultation with your Cosmetic Specialist where you will discuss your desired look and go over any questions you may have. Next, your artist will map the area specified, using specific angles and measurements suited for the desired area being treated. After you approve the shape, your artist will help you choose the best pigment color associated with the treatment area then apply topical anesthetic (numbing agents) and after an allotted amount of time has passed, your procedure begins. Here is where your Certified Artist creates the look you discussed prior. Once you approve your desired look, your artist will discuss aftercare and go over instructions on taking care of your new look. All procedures include an aftercare kit. 

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