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Tattoo Lightening & Removal

What Is Saline Removal?

Saline solution is a common, effective approach to lightening or completely removing unwanted tattoos. Although this tattoo removal method is a slower process than other treatments, it has built trust and popularity because it is safe to use almost anywhere on the body, can remove and lighten any pigment color and does not damage skin or burn hair follicles.  This removal technique is done using the same traditional equipment (machine, needles, etc) used in the tattooing process. However, instead of pigment, a sterile solution is implanted into the skin that allows a natural healing process to lift pigment up to the surface through your own body's osmosis process. This method of removal decreases the chance of causing lasting damage to your melanocytes (color-producing skin cells), and permanently affecting the integrity of the skin. This type of removal is safer and has fewer risks of hypo or hyper-pigmentation, as well as blistering and scarring than laser treatments.


Not all clients who have had previous permanent makeup procedures are good to have standard touch-ups due to past implanted color that is too saturated to get them their desired look, whether it is softer, a different color or added hair strokes. This non-invasive procedure can benefit those with old permanent cosmetic tattoos, cosmetic pigmentation gone wrong, or for those in need of a permanent cosmetic color or shape correction. The healing time for this a lightning/removal session is similar to initial pigmentation and is relatively non-traumatic to the client with little to no downtime. Please note, that Microbladed eyebrows are one of the trickiest procedures to reverse because of more aggressive pigment implant method and trauma caused by the cuts from the microblade.

Clients should expect to see dramatic results from just one removal session but can take up to 3-4 procedures to completely remove your unwanted tattoo. It is important to have realistic expectations with any tattoo removal procedure.  Many times, it is only necessary to have just one removal session to lighten the implanted pigment in an eyebrow in order to refresh color or correct shape in a new eyebrow service. This is why a consultation is necessary to determine what level of removal or lightening is best.

Results will vary depending on but not limited to:

  • The client’s skin condition

  • Health profile

  • The ability to heal well

  • The type and color of the pigment to be lightened

  • Depth of pigment placement

  • Compliance of aftercare instructions


Anesthetics (numbing agents) are applied prior to any cosmetic tattoo lightening/removal procedure to keep you comfortable. However, unlike other cosmetic procedures, numbing agents cannot be applied throughout this service. This is due to the fact that anesthetics typically used during cosmetic procedures contains ingredients that aid in bleeding - which is counterintuitive to this service.

Eyebrow Lightning/Removal

Lighten or remove unwanted pigment color from your eyebrows. This service is perfect for those who have had old eyebrow tattoos or freshly done brows they wish to lighten enough to repigment or remove completely. Emergency services available. 


Eyeliner Tail Removal

This removal technique is specifically preformed on the tails of eyeliner tattoos. Easily customize this service to lighten eyeliner enough to repigment or remove completely.

Lip Removal

Our Saline Solution can easily lighten and remove unsymmetrical or unwanted color in or around lips. This service is suitable for unwanted or botched Lip Liner and/or Full Lip Blushing.


Tattoo Removal

This service is for anyone wanting a tattoo removed but don't want to go through the painful laser removal process.  We can help you achieve your tattoo lightening / removal goals with a more natural alternative that won't leave you any scars AND can be performed on any pigment color almost anywhere on the body!

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