Eyeliner Services

Throughout history, men and woman alike have used Eyeliner as a specific way to bring attention to the eyes. It's no wonder why adding color around the eyes brightens and enhances the best feature on the face, the window to the soul. But for some, perfecting the ideal eyeliner shape and the hassle of fixing and reapplying runny or smudged eyeliner can be discouraging.

Permanent Eyeliner  is a great alternative for anyone with visual impairments or unsteady hand and for anyone  looking to define the shape and add definition to the eyes, because having  gorgeous eyes is an essential element in the confidence we need to feel beautiful. Whether it's a traditional  style, a bold dramatic style or Colored Eyeliner, Our Certified PMU Artist can create a customized  look that's right for you.

This Eyeliner approach places pigment in between eyelashes at the base of the natural lash line.  This method, is the most subtle way to enhance your eyes that creates the appearance of fuller, darker lashes without the look of traditional Eyeliner.
This style uses a moderate amount of pigment to create a slightly thicker eyeliner on the outer part of the eyelid that gradually tapers into the inner lash line. This look gracefully enhances and provides the appearance of almond shaped eyes.
This method uses the Traditional Eyeliner approach that slightly extends the outer lash line at an upper angle to create a "flicked" tail.  This style is a beautiful option for anyone who would like to elongate the appearance of their eye shape.   
This style Eyeliner uses the Extended Eyeliner technique but gives you the option to create the thickness you desire across the eye lid from the inner lash line to the outer tail.
This is a new method of eyeliner that utilizes one or more color pigments that are expertly blended and shaded into the upper eyelid and socket to create classic, sultry eyes.
Pigment is applied in the eyelash bed itself or right under the eyelashes and can be drawn thicker upon request.
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Eyeliner Styles