Lip Services

Beautiful, sensual lip color that doesn't wear off is always desired and can be created by adding color to the lips with permanent makeup. Shaping and adding color is a great way to achieve contoured definition and regain color lost in lips due to ageing by softening fine lines around the mouth, leaving you with a more youthful appearance.


The art of shaping and contouring lips can improve an array of imperfections that affect one's self esteem. Emphasizing lips with pigment can correct uneven lips to create balance and proportion, create the appearance of fuller lips, minimize fuller lips, enhance the cupids bow and overall natural lip color.  Our skilled certified PMU Artist can create a customized lip effect that is a kiss-proof way to feel  beautiful at all times of day and night.

This is for those wishing to obtain a defined lip liner border that can accent and define  lips with color that stands out from the rest of the lips.
This look accentuates the full lip by framing the lips with a defined lip liner and filling the entire lip with the same color.    
Blended Lip liner is applied to define the outline of the lips in one color, followed by shading the entire lip with a lighter shade.

Lip Styles

For a softer, more natural effect, Lip liner can be blended inward from the lip line to produce a soft haze of color that gradually blends with the lip itself.