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lip blushing services

Beautiful, sensual lip color that doesn't wear off is always a goal and can be created by implanting pigment color into the lips with cosmetic tattooing techniques. Shaping and adding color is a great way to achieve contoured lip definition and regain color lost in lips due to ageing by softening fine lines around the mouth, leaving you with a more youthful appearance.


The art of shaping and contouring lips can improve an array of imperfections that affect one's self esteem. Emphasizing lips with pigment can correct uneven lips to create balance and proportion, create the appearance of fuller lips, minimize fuller lips, enhance the cupids bow and can overall neutralize natural lip color.  Our skilled techniques allow us to create a customized lip effect that is a kiss-proof way to feel beautiful at all times of day and night.


Choose from an array of colored pigments that can be customized to fit your desired lip color and can even be color matched to your favorite lipstick shade.  Anesthetics (numbing agents) are applied prior to procedure and included throughout the entire lip blushing service to keep you comfortable.  Aftercare instructions, healing schedule and kit are included in each service. 


IMPORTANT: If you are prone to cold sores or have had one in the past, you will need an antiviral prescription from your doctor or an OTC antiviral ointment as a preventative measure before a lip procedure.

Cosmetic tattoo treatments last anywhere from 1 to 3 years, depending on the oiliness of the skin, the quality and color of the pigments (darker shades last longer), and your lifestyle. Exfoliation, long periods of sun exposure, swimming pools, ocean and hot tubs, as well as saunas and hot showers can make the pigment fade faster. The effects can be prolonged with touch-up appointments.

Lip Liner

Recreate the look of lip pencil with a look that outlines your vermillion boarder to create that perfect cupids bow, correct symmetry & define your lip border with a color that's perfect for you. Color, shape & line thickness is all customizable according to your personal preference.

lip liner

Blended Lip Liner

Recreate the look of lip pencil with Lip liner color of your choosing that is blended inward from the vermillion boarder to produce a soft haze of color that creates a lip look that you can get-up-and-go with or dress up with traditional lipstick.

Full Lip Blush

Accentuate the entire lip with your favorite shade. This technique defines your vermillion boarder and enhances your lip shape to create full, voluptuous lips with a solid color to give the illusion of lipstick. By meticulous color placement, we can slightly modify the shape of the lips to take care of any possible asymmetry and diminish the look of any scars and discoloration.

full lip blushing
water color lips

Watercolor Lips

Watercolor Lips is a special lip blushing technique that gives a lip gloss effect. The most prominent difference between Watercolor Lips & Lip Blush is the fact that there is no distinctive contouring with Watercolor Lips. The desired result of Watercolor Lips is a natural, your-lips-but-better look, so the shade range is mostly limited to natural tones. There is a wide range of different color shades which can also be mixed and customized. 

Ombre Lips

This Lip Blushing technique is used to saturate the outer edges of the lips the most, while the color gets gradually more transparent towards the center. One or multiple color pigments can be used to create this lip look.

The ombre effect adds the illusion of volume to the lips, so the final result is a visually plumper pout without the need of injectable treatments.

ombre lip blushing
Dark Lip Neutralization

Dark Lip Neutralization

This is a unique and gradual process that works to both even-out lip tone as well as slightly brighten naturally darker lips. This procedure is aimed to neutralize or create an even-tone across both top and bottom lip for a consistent lip tone. Whether the top and bottom lip differ in shade, or if the lip entirely needs to be brightened, this technique takes the time to gradually counterbalance dual lip tones and bring the lips to the desired shade for any gender.

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