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spray tan

While spray tanning has no known side effects, studies have found that tanning beds can lead to health issues by exposure to harmful UV rays, which can cause premature aging, wrinkles, and skin cancer. Spray tanning, on the other hand, offers you a safe, sunless glow year round.

Our solution has organic ingredients and a huge plus of our airbrush tans versus a traditional spray tan booth, is the small amount of overspray produced. The solution goes directly on your body - instead of being encapsulated in a closed booth while you’re inhaling all the fumes that a machine is pumping in. We use state-of-the-art spray tanning equipment that includes professional solution extraction filters which also reduce the amount of overspray that is created.

What sets our Spray Tanning services apart from all others? Our Superior DHA/Erythrulose Solution will never leave you with an orange or unnatural tint. That's because it utilizes the latest technology and ingredients designed to promote a highly natural tanning color that works with each individual's unique chemistry creating a melanin shade that is specific to that person and tans you just like you would naturally with sun exposure.  It's our Private Custom Blend Tanning Solution rich in Aloe Vera that assists with loss of tan due to dry loose skin after treatment, a highly effective Antioxidant White Tea Complex, is paraben-free, and it’s also Vegan! 


Only a 2 HR Processing time!

The Average Spray Tan Lasts Approximately 2 Weeks

We offer personal protection to prevent overspray going into your mucus membranes- such as nose filters, and hair caps.

​As with anything while pregnant, you should still consult with your doctor before getting a spray tan. Your comfort and safety are our top priorities!

1 Body Session

Wear and Spray as little or as much as you want. Each Spray Tanning session is customizable to suit your needs.

tan couple

Couple Package

A great way to treat yourself  and someone you love with a Fabulous Glow. Perfect for any occasion to Look & Feel Golden together! Each Spray Tanning session is customizable to suit your needs.

Party Package

Have a special occasion to celebrate? Our spray tanning party package is a great way to treat yourself and those closest to you to that perfect glow! Perfect for weddings, bachelorette parties and so much more! Includes premium Champagne & Chocolate & Can be booked in our studio or in the comfort of your own home. Limit 10 per booking.*Package Requires Phone Consultation*

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A great way to treat yourself or someone you love with a Glow that lasts all year long! Our Membership allows for 24 Spray Tanning Sessions a year. Each Spray Tanning session is customizable to suit your needs. Please allow a minimum of 24 hrs. between session appointments.

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