Eyebrow Services

Eyebrows are one of the most prominent characteristics we have that frame our features , accentuate our eyes and play a powerful role in the way we communicate emotions to one another. They also have to power to enhance your natural beauty by creating balance through symmetry and can often provide a more youthful appearance with those who suffer from hair loss through ageing.


We all aim for  beautifully groomed eyebrows but for many, it is often a stressful and costly facial feature to maintain. At Visual Effects, our aim is to save you the stress that comes with the many products used to create symmetrical, evenly shaped, natural looking brows without the worry of reapplying or fixing smudges. Our Certified PMU Artist combines art and science to determine the desirable eyebrow shape and color that is right for you.

Each hair stroke is meticulously hand drawn with a microblade, matching the color and coarseness of your natural eyebrow hair. The goal for this cosmetic method is to create the most realistic eyebrow you can achieve in permanent cosmetics.
Powder brows use a more traditional tattooing method that utilizes a machine to implant pigment which creates a powdered, penciled in look. It has a soft appearance and is great for people with oily or mature skin.
This is a new shading technique that is fully customizable and is a great option for anyone who would like a subtle eyebrow change. There are no harsh outlines with this method that are created using a hand tool to create pixilated dots that start light at one end of the eyebrow and end dark.    
A hybrid of Microblading and Ombré Powedered Brows. This combination creates a bold eyebrow with the most visual impact.

Eyebrow Styles