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eyebrow services

Eyebrows are one of the most prominent characteristics we have that frame our features, accentuate our eyes and play a powerful role in the way we communicate emotions to one another. They also have to power to enhance your natural beauty by creating balance through symmetry and can often provide a more youthful appearance with those who suffer from hair loss through ageing.


We all aim for beautifully groomed eyebrows but for many, it is often a stressful and costly facial feature to maintain. At Visual Effects, our aim is to save you the stress that comes with the many products used to create symmetrical, evenly shaped, natural looking brows without the worry of reapplying or fixing smudges that traditional makeup forces us to do. Whether you suffer from a genic disorder such as Alopecia, have poor eyesight, have minimal brow hair due to years of over-plucking or you would just like to save yourself time with your makeup routine every day by enhancing your eyebrows to create a more defined and/or voluminous brow look, we can help! Our Semi-Permanent Eyebrow services combines art and science to determine the desirable eyebrow shape and color that is right for you.


All eyebrow services are customizable to fit your desired brow look, and you are included in the entire procedure process. From color to shape, you are in charge! Each eyebrow service includes a consultation and personalized brow mapping session specific and complementary to your own facial features.  Anesthetics (numbing agents) are applied prior to procedure and included throughout the entire eyebrow service to keep you comfortable.  Aftercare instructions, healing schedule and kit are included in each eyebrow service.

Cosmetic tattoo treatments last anywhere from 1 to 3 years, depending on the oiliness of the skin, the quality and color of the pigments (darker shades last longer), and your lifestyle. Exfoliation, long periods of sun exposure, swimming pools, ocean and hot tubs, as well as saunas and hot showers can make the pigment fade faster. The effects can be prolonged with touch-up appointments.


 Each hair stroke is meticulously hand drawn with a hand tool, that matches the color and natural brow hair direction of your natural eyebrow hair. The goal for this cosmetic method is to create the most realistic eyebrow you can achieve in permanent cosmetics.

Microshading Powder Brow


Also known as "Powder Brows", this brow method uses a more traditional tattooing method that utilizes a machine to implant pigment which creates a powdered, "penciled-in" look. It can be customized to be as soft or have a more dramatic, bold appearance and is great for people with oily or mature skin.

Ombre Powder Fill

This is the trendiest eyebrow shading technique that is fully customizable and is a great option for anyone who would like a subtle eyebrow change. There are no harsh outlines and gets its name by creating a pixilated brow look that is pigmented t lightly at the front of the brows and gradually blends darker towards the tail of the brows.     

Ombre Powder Brow
Ombre Hybrid Combo Brow

Ombre Hybrid

This eyebrow combines the powdery, ombre shaded brow effect with Microbladed hairstrokes that can be customized at the front of the brows or throughout the entire brow. Perfect for oily, combination & aged skin.

Combo Brow

This eyebrow combines a full set of Microbladed Brows with the added shaded effect. Ultimately, this brow creates natural looking brow hair strokes with the added visual impact of shading techniques to give your brows a "penciled-in" look. Can be customized to create a subtle or more dramatic brow look.

Combo Hybrid Brow
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