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Non-invasive body contouring

Workout smarter, not harder with our RenaSculpt Neo HI-FEM treatments. This non-surgical body contouring service is a revolutionary type of body contouring therapy that reduces fat under the skin without going under the knife while simultaneously toning and increasing muscle mass. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how diligently you stick with a diet and exercise plan; you can’t shift stubborn fat. Non-surgical RenaSculpt Neo body contouring can give your body the extra push it needs to bust through weight loss plateaus and achieve the spot fat reduction you want. Benefits include:


  • No Incisions

  • No Scarring 

  • No Fibrosis

  • No Surgery

  • No Downtime 

  • Permanently Reduces Fat Cells           

  • Increase and Tones Muscles         

  • Gets Rid of Stubborn Fat Resistant to Diet & Exercise  

*Results can be seen immediately after treatment. However, it is important to keep in mind that the true results of these treatments will continue to be seen in the weeks and months following your treatment as your body gradually gets rid of the fat cells that were affected during the treatment naturally through your own body's lymphatic system. The most distinct changes occur with four treatment sessions and happen in conjunction with healthy lifestyle habits. Those who stick to a healthy diet and get plenty of exercise tend to enjoy the best results.



RenaSculpt Neo ® is the first nonsurgical, non-invasive treatment of its kind. It uses high-intensity, focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology with radiofrequency (RF) technology to stimulate muscle contractions, which helps build muscle mass and burn fat. Muscles are forced to contract in the extreme conditions caused by supramaximal muscle contractions. RenaSculpt Neo is an FDA-approved device that combines RF (radio frequency) with HIFEM (magnetic Tesla energy) to reduce fat and build muscle!