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Ombre Filled Eyebrow

Eyebrow Tattooing: Ombre Filled Eyebrow

The cosmetic industry is rapidly replacing eyebrow tattooing with more advanced techniques. Although many people still refer to permanent eyebrow makeup as eyebrow tattooing, you will be amazed at how many ways we can achieve beautiful eyebrow solutions. For one, you can ask for an Ombre filled eyebrow—a new shading technique that is fully customizable. Unlike eyebrow tattooing, an Ombre filled eyebrow is a great option for anyone who would like a subtle eyebrow change. There are no harsh outlines like in eyebrow tattooing.
Instead, this method uses a hand tool to create pixelated dots that start light at one end of the eyebrow and end dark.
Our eyebrows are one of our most prominent characteristics. They frame our face and accentuate our eyes. Not only that, we even communicate our emotions with our brows. And, of course, beautiful brows enhance our natural beauty with symmetry and balance. Plus, they can give you a more youthful appearance.
Unfortunately, many of us have messed up the look of our brows with over-plucking. Or, we have hair loss due to age or other conditions. Maybe you're thinking about eyebrow tattooing, but it seems too permanent. Instead, try an Ombre filled eyebrow that will fill in those gaps and make your eyebrows appear lush and manicured.
At Visual Effects Permanent and Corrective Cosmetics, our Certified P.M.U. makeup artist determines the desirable eyebrow shape and color that is right for you. Then they create a symmetrical, evenly shaped, natural-looking Ombre filled eyebrow, similar to eyebrow tattooing, only with more natural-looking pigment. You'll end up with beautiful brows that never require a pencil and don't smear or smudge.
Are you ready to try a better way than standard eyebrow tattooing? Then set up your appointment for an Ombre filled eyebrow session today.

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