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Permanent Eyeliner

Eyeliner Tattoo: Get Permanent Eyeliner

You may have heard of permanent eyeliner, or know someone who has an eyeliner tattoo. Although permanent eyeliner does last, it is different from a regular tattoo in that it does require touch ups. But one thing is for sure—you won't have to struggle to put eyeliner on every day if you opt for permanent eyeliner.
Not only that, but the looks that a technician can achieve with permanent eyeliner are astounding. For one, if you have thin eyelashes, you can use permanent eyeliner as eyelash enhancement. With this eyeliner approach, the tech puts pigment in between the eyelashes at the base of the natural lash line. It's subtle, creating the appearance of fuller, darker lashes. And there's no longer any need to try to use an eyeliner pencil, pen, or brush.
You might opt for a traditional eyeliner look that uses a moderate amount of pigment to create a slightly thicker eyeliner on the outer part of the eyelid. This technique gradually tapers into the inner lash line, giving you the appearance of almond-shaped eyes. You can also get extended or thick extended permanent eyeliner that gives you a cat-eye look that is so popular these days.
Plus, you also have the option to do a butterfly effect that utilizes one or more color pigments blended and shaded into the upper eyelid and socket to create a classic look with sultry eyes. And let's not forget that you can get an eyeliner tattoo right under the bed of your bottom lashes as well.
If you love the look of eyeliner, but you have a difficult time seeing to apply it, or it just takes too long, then permanent eyeliner is an excellent opportunity for you to get the look you love without all the work.
Are you ready to have gorgeous eyes without the hassle of fixing and reapplying runny or smudged eyeliner throughout the day? Then go ahead and set up your appointment with one of our certified technicians at Visual Effects Permanent and Corrective Cosmetics, and let's make you even more beautiful.

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