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PMU Aftercare & Wound Repair Ointment

A perfect addition to any PMU Client aftercare kit


Product size: 10 * 5 * 4cm

Net weight: 8g

Mainly applicable:

Aftercare Ointment for any Traditional/Cosmetic Tattoo or Wound

Package included:

1 x Scar Removal Cream


1.100% Proven Safe, Effective, No Skin Discoloration, No Side Effects

2.Use the advanced scar and acne mark removal and repairing technology. It is easy to penetrate the cortex, soften the scar tissue, promote the skin's natural renewal and healing,

3.Effectively helps repair: burns, cuts, Acne Scars and Cosmetic/Traditional Tattoos

4.OIntment is anti-inflammatory, redness elimination, promotes healing while creating a protective barrier against bacteria.

5.Perfect for All including Sensitive, Oily, and Thin Skin. Kids and Adults. Scar Reduction Therapy. Erase Keloid Scars

6.Safe for use on all Permanent Cosmetic (Eyebrows, Eyeliner, Lip Blushing, Scar Camouflage)


PMU Aftercare & Wound Repair Ointment - 8g.

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