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Foreverlily 7 Colors Light LED Phototherapy With Neck Skin Rejuvenation

LED Mask (Face+Neck)


1. Made with environmental ABS material, non-toxic, odorless, healthy and durable.

2. Helps lighten pigmentation, fade spot, repair skin, deep nutrition.

3. Photo therapy technology, combines 7 colors led light for light treatment of your skin, can thoroughly treat skin so as to regain the young look.

4. Can effectively diminish wrinkles and sagging, shrink pores, improve oily skin, fade spot, as a result of achieving the white, tender, elastic and young skin.

5. The mask follows the face contour for a comfortable and suitable wear.

6. Comes with a neck mask and controller.

7. No operation, no needle, safe and quick treatment and protection of skin.

8. Suitable for all skin type.

How to use

*Wash your face and wait till it dries.

*Connect LED mask,neck mask and remote control.

*Press and hold the "Power Switch",and then set the time,mode,color and intensity.

*Put on your Mask. Keep your LED Mask close to your facial skin.


Led Light Function

1. Red(630 nm)


Can improve the cell activity,with whitening and skin firming anti-aging efficacy.

2. Blue(470 nm)


Can inhibit the inflammation, bactericidal ,and anti-inflammatory.

3. Green(520 nm)


To reduce skin oil secretion, balance the water and oil.

4. Yellow (590 nm)


Supplementary energy to skin cells and makes the pigment decomposition

5. Purple


Has a good effect and repair in the treatment of acne and remove acne scars.

6. Cyan


The metabolism has a very good role in promoting.

7. White


Penetrate the skin deep, accelerate the metabolism of the active tissue.


1. As far as possible to avoid the eye mask light source part, or a long time to stare at the light source. Please close your eyes and use

2. It is recommended to use a high-quality natural ingredients disposable mask or acne whitening skin care products to help absorb better.

3. Due to the material of the mask is plastic, opening the package is likely to have an odor, which is normal and the odor will soon disappear.

4. The luminous film inside the circuit and LED light can not be squeezed and folded.

5. After the treatment is best put the mask back to the box, or at least get out of bed.

6. Light mask can not soak in water,and you can use a damp cloth scrub.Elastic band can be washed.

7. Mask can not be used with corrosive chemical solvent scrub.

8. Avoid sun exposure.


Item Type: Led Facial Mask


Color OF LED Light:7 Color

Voltage:110V-240V, 60Hz/ 50Hz


Output power: 20W (Max)

Output voltage: DC10V 2500mA

Number Of Led Lights:192

Machine Weight :665g


Foreverlily 7 Colors Light LED Phototherapy With Neck Skin Rejuvenation

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