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Cryotherapy Fat Loss Body Slimming Anti Cellulite Cryolipolysis Machine 

Cryotherapy Machine Fat Lipo Freeze Anti Cellulite Massger Body Slimming Abdomen Thighs Calves Cryolipolysis Machine Atraumatic Painless Fat Burner

What is Cold Therapy?

If the locally obese adipose tissue is exposed to an environment of 5 degrees Celsius for a long time, the triglyceride of the fat cells will coagulate and cause the fat cells to die. In the following months, the dead fat cells will be excreted with the metabolism.And then it achieves the therapeutic effect of shaping and losing weight.



2.Candirectly functionon fat cells

3.Does't rebound quicklylike weight loss pills

4.Remove fat without damaging surrounding tissues and skin.QuiteSafe

Package Including


Main machine*1

Gift box*1

Antifreeze mambrane*1(contains 10 piece)

Instruction manual*1

Fat tester*1


About Plug

Our default plug is US standard,if you need other standard pulg,just choose the one you need.


1.What is the lowest temperature of this machine?

About 1 Celsius.

2.Do you sell the antifreezing membranes?

Yes,we sell it.And also,one little parcel which contains 10 pieces antifreezing membranes will be sent together with the product.

3.It's my first time to try the cold therapy,how long is suitable for me? 

We advise you try the 30-minutes mode at first,if you can stand it, try another mode.So It depends on your adaptability.

4.If I use the machine twice in one day,whether I must use two piece antifreezing membranes?

If the interval is not long, the effect of the same piece one is not much different.So you can use one piece.

5.How often can I use it?

If you want to use the machine in a same area,we suggest you use it once every two weeks.

Cryotherapy Fat Loss Body Slimming Anti Cellulite Cryolipolysis Machine

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