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Use range: Eyebrow, Lips & Eyeliner Cosmetic Tattoo

Function: Remove or dilute mistakes immediately during any eyebrow, Lips or eyeliner procedure and for use to remove old tattoos using the body's own osmosis process to pull the pigment up through the scab during healing.

Application: Effectively remove errors made during procedures., for old tattoos or for emergency removal 24hrs. after any procedure.

How To Use:

1.import the Correction fluid into the needle, operate on areas where discoloration is required back and forth 3 to 5 times.

2.Dip a swab into a Correction fluid then wipe it back and forth 3 or 5 times.

3.Apply the cotton sheet soaked with Correction fluid liquid for about 20 minutes. After scab, you can see the fading effect.

The usage of correction fluid to remove old tattoo:

1. For old tattoos, use the tattoo machine or the tattoo machine to introduce the correction fluid into the skin tissue that needs to be removed, and use the machine to repeatedly puncture the skin so that the original solution completely saturates the skin at the pattern. Then apply a repairing agent to repair the punctured skin, and the pattern will become lighter after it has been removed.

2. The second operation is performed after the first operation is repaired one month later. Repeating the operation 3 to 4 times will erase the pattern.

Packing details:


Aimoosi Permanent Makeup Correction Fluid

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