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Aimoosi Nude Series Lip Blush, Areola, Correction Cosmetic Pigments

Why Choose Aimoosi Pigment?

1.100% Brand New and High Quality

2.Easy Skin Implantation

3.Long Lasting

4.Great retention

5.No Neutralization needed

6.Never changes color

7.All pigments sterilized by gamma rays

*Strictly adopt plant materials in AOC planting area, extract plant pigments layer by layer, and reconcile through 25 advanced techniques. Molecular particles are smaller, more delicate, easier to color, the color is fuller and fuller.

*Easy to operate, color positive. manual pen and machine are operational.

*GMP standard aseptic filling technology, to prevent secondary pollution pigment.

*Pigments are the best organic pigments on the market until now, 100% essence of pure plant extracts.


They are made from rubbing and pure in mountain delicately with exquisite luster and sterling color but never turn color.

Make chromatic more quality and the color keep more durable,

They will make the skin seems to have three-dimensional effect after dual chromatication if put a little concertrated liquid into the colors.

Packing : 3ml/Bottles,1 Bottles In one package.

AIMOOSI Organic 3ml Nude Series Cosmetic Tattoo Pigments

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