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Working Principle: RF

Type: Face Hifu Lifting Machine

RF Frequency: 4mHz

Power Source: Electric

Model Number: B-LMH200316

Item Type: High Frequency Heating Therapy

Item Name: RF Skin Lifting Machine

Function: Anti Wrinkle,Lifting

Feaure 7: Want to be younger

Feaure 6: Wrinkle Removal

Feaure 5: Smoothing Eye Bags

Feaure 4: Facial Slimming Machine

Feaure 3: Chin Lifting V-Face Care Tools

Feaure 2: Skin Rejuvenation Tightening&Lifting

Feaure 1: Remove Neck Wrinkle, Forehead Wrinkle, Folds Wrinkle

Feaure: Anti-Wrinkle Anti-Agiing Device

Commodity Quality Certification: ce

Brand Name: foreverlily

4mHz RF Hifu Face Lifting Machine

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