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Retro PINK/BLUE/WHITE Mini Fridge 4LCosmetic Fridge 12V/220V  

Compact Design

This pink vintage mini fridge is ideal for keeping your makeup, creams or drinks cold. Its retro and compact style is perfect for placing anywhere. It is easy and comfortable to carry thanks to the top handle. In addition, the door is magnetic and carries inside a removable balda. Also podrás encontrarla inColor blue cakeAnd white.

Capacity 4 liters

The mini skincare fridge has a capacity of up to 4 litres that allows storage of cosmetic products, drinks and small foods (in total 6 low cans of 33cl). The cosmetic fridge has external measures of 25x19x27.5 cm.

Cooling and Heating functions

This small room fridge has the cooling functions and also heat that you can select from the back.

It reaches an indoor temperature that can vary between-20 °C below the ambient temperature in cold (reaching a minimum of 0 °C) and 50 °C in hot. It is silent and not more than 28dB of noise.

Connectivity cable

The mini electric fridge can be connected to the electrical current at 220V as to the electricity outlet

From a car to 12V.

Retro PINK/BLUE/WHITE Mini Fridge 4LCosmetic Fridge 12V/220V

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